Shoe Fundraiser

Shoe Fundraiser Details

Club Level Fundraising Opportunity

Indiana Elite players will be collecting new and used shoes that are not excessively worn (no holes) or dirty over the next two months. The shoes will be sent overseas to developing countries to encourage microenterprise.  In return, Indiana Elite gets 40 cents per pound back to the club.  The funds raised will go to help cover the cost associated with the Scholars Program which provides FREE tutoring and ACT/SAT Prep for our players.  The team that collects the most shoes will have a surprise at the end of the fundraiser.

The goal for Indiana Elite is to collect 100 bags of shoes, 25 pairs of shoes per bag which is equivalent to 4 bags of shoes per team or about 8 pairs of shoes per player.  How can you help? Go through your closets, find shoes that don’t fit or aren’t worn, ask your neighbors, friends, and family to donate to the cause. They can be tennis shoes, sandals, cleats, even high heels. Once collected hand them over to your Team Manager/Fundraising Lead.

The Team Managers/Fundraising Lead for your team will collect the shoes and turn them into Britteny Brewer.

She can be contacted at (219) 895-0442 to coordinate shoe drop-off.  You can also email with any questions. Thank you in advance for all your donations and help in supporting our Scholars Program.

Shoe Fundraiser 2021

Shoe Fundraiser Details

Fundraiser Opens
April 9, 2021

Fundraiser Closes
June 6th, 2021