Indiana Elite offers three tiers of fundraising to help offset the costs associated with playing competitive soccer.

Individual Level

These fundraisers are optional and benefit individual players. Money earned will be in your Player Account to be used on things like Club Fees, Tournament Costs, Gift Cards and Practice wear. Participate in as many or as few of these fundraisers as you want.

Team Level

These fundraisers are optional and benefit your individual team. Money earned can go toward Tournament Costs, Video Recording Equipment, etc. Teams can come up with their own fundraising ideas, but all fundraisers must be approved by IEFC. Your success at this level depends how involved your team parents are in organizing and sourcing opportunities. Your fundraising lead can be of assistance.

Club Level

These fundraisers benefit the entire club. IEFC will run at least one required fundraiser per year. Money earned from this level will go toward field maintenance, scholars program funding, and anything else decided upon by the Board.

If you would like to get involved or have any questions regarding fundraising, please send an email to