Elite Clubs National League (ECNL)

The league and its history are embedded with grit, collaboration and tenacity – all things learned from the beautiful game.The ECNL protects and propels the integrity of the game and everyone it impacts by facilitating the perfect symmetry of excellence and humility, exclusivity and accessibility, freedom and community. We believe that challenging everyone to rise to their best creates game-changers that live well, long after cleats are unlaced.

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USYSA National League

The USYSA National League has some of the the top teams in the country with each team demonstrating outstanding talent and accomplishments. Indiana Elite U17 Girls (Central Lake Conference) and U13,U14,U15,U16,U17 and U18 Boys (Midwest Conference) teams earned slots in league USYSA National League through excellence in play at the local, regional and national level.

Midwest Conference
Great Lake Conference

National Premier League (NPL)

Midwest Developmental League

The Midwest Developmental League, which includes 13-U, 14-U, 15-U, 16-U, 17-U and 19-U boys age groups, was founded in April 2011 as part of US Club Soccer's National Premier Leagues (NPL).

The 2018-19 Midwest Developmental League includes an east and a west region, and is one of the qualifying leagues under Elite National Premier League (ENPL). As part of the season schedules, clubs will play within their conference and have the opportunity to play against the opposite conference during a nationally recognized showcase.

Northern Illinois Soccer League (NISL)

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Illinois Women's Soccer League (IWSL)

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Super Y

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