COVID-19 Protocols at all IEFC Locations

COVID-19 Protocols at all IEFC Locations

General Requirements

Good Luck to all the teams playing at our fields. We have worked hard to create healthy environments for all our players, coaches and spectators! Please help us ensure our players stay safe by reviewing these rules.

Indiana Soccer Imperatives for Training and Games (updated: February 25, 2021)

Player Recommendations

  • Players are required to wear face covering at all times when they are not warming up or playing in the game. This includes during any team talks and during the game when they are not playing.
  • Players should have a clearly marked side-line space, designated for them to place their personal equipment in compliance with the 6-foot minimum social distancing protocol. NO TEAM BENCHES.
  • Players are not to share drink containers, even from their own family.
  • During games, reserves in the team bench area must be a minimum of 6 feet apart. They are required to wear their face covering.
  • Players are to keep socially distanced apart when gathering to listen to the coach.
  • During the pre-game captains meeting, the captains (only one per team) are required to wear face covering.
  • During the pre-game check-in with the referee(s), all players, coaches and referees are required to wear face covering.
  • There should be no physical contact between players, coaches or referees pre- or post-game.
  • When leaving the training/game, players are required to wear their face covering.
  • Players for training: arrive at the field 5 minutes before training is to begin.
  • Players for games: arrive at the field 25 minutes before game is to begin.

Parent and Spectator Responsibilities

  • Recommend all individuals who are 65 and above or who have an underlying at-risk health condition to stay home.
  • Spectators are required to wear a face covering at all times.
  • The club will have clearly marked areas that comply with social distancing protocols for spectator seating.
  • We recommend the 10 feet spectator line should be dashed, each line and each space between the dashes be 6 feet long. Have each family sit behind a line.
  • Only family members living in the same home should be sitting closer than required by the social distancing protocol when attending games.
  • Any type of bleacher/bench should be closed off for use unless they can be cleaned after each use.
  • If spectators are interacting with other spectators (other families) at the field/complex, they are required to maintain the minimum social distance, 6 feet apart, always wearing their face covering.
  • Spectators for training and games: arrive at the field 5 minutes before the training or game is to begin.